Real estate law

Real estate law in Hilo, Hawaii

Real estate law can be complex. If you are having a property dispute or need to come to an agreement, you need an attorney with significant experience in these matters. Kathleen Kentish Lucero can help with trustworthy counsel, assertive representation and all kinds of real estate matters including dispute resolution, contract preparation and interpretation.

Starting in 1983 Ms. Lucero has

  • Litigated complex commercial real estate issues including disputes over quiet title actions and property ownership
  • Resolved numerous boundary and title disputes
  • Prepared deeds, purchase agreements and other real estate documents

A Real Estate Lawyer who is not afraid to litigate

 Have you been involved in an easement or boundary dispute with your neighbor? Or maybe someone is challenging your ownership to a piece of property? Although her team is skilled at assembling documents and deeds, she shines equally bright in court.

Many lawyers find it uncomfortable to stand before a judge and litigate. Ms. Lucero is ready, willing and able –fully capable of thinking on her feet and arguing her client’s position effectively. 
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